Cyclone Warning
Class 4

Press & Posters

"The British Council organised a work-shop so that Mauritian technicians could benefit from the expertise of the famous cinéaste Christopher Miles, some of whose works have already gained prizes. The cyclone gave him the idea to write a script based on this catastrophe - and using Marie-Michèle Etienne as the link, her narration brought vividly to life the visual impact of the film. Miles also wanted to show how the Mauritians reacted when faced with this natural catastrophe, which brought out the drama and the gripping images."

At the end of the screening the director concluded that "By galvanizing these energies, which already exist, one can produce productions of a very high international level", and he thanked very warmly his MBC collaborators on this co-production. A French version will be ready in April.

"I arrived in Mauritius the day after the cyclone. The wind was still blowing and I saw an amazing amount of damage" remembered Christopher Miles. An arrival which could have been a nasty memory for some, but not for this British director, for as soon as M. Bootle, the director of the British Council had suggested a workshop with MBC, Christopher Miles accepted the proposition with another of his own by making dramatic use of the recent disaster.

In three weeks the whole enterprise was finished - shooting and editing - resulting in a very professional work, and with Christopher Miles at the helm 'Cyclone Warning Class lV' results in a production of quality.

Eight members of the MBC were used as crew, and they shot in the centre and north of the island in order to speak to people who had suffered the most damage. 'Cyclone Warning Class lV' remains a different experience for their normal every day one. 'Normally we work with directors of television. With Christopher Miles we were able to work with a film director, whose approach is very different, even the editing is different' said Ahsok Kinno who was wearing his producer's hat for this documentary. For the British director the experience was also enriching. 'I was training them, but they were also training me, we were exchanging ideas. It was a real cooperation…. you know film is a conspiracy' he added, a conspiracy the Mauritians will soon see in public.
(Le Mauricien)                                                                                        

l-r in the editing-room Satyen Bhujun, Christopher Miles and Ashok Kinno - photo Le Mauricien