Love in the Ancient World (1998)

Crew List & Locations

l-r Marina Gratsos in Greece, Alistair Cameron with the director the first day of shooting the Venus de Milo in Paris,  and Felix von Moreau in Egypt


CREW  (Credits as on film) 

Director/Producer: Christopher Miles

Associate Producers: Marina Gratsos, Felix von Moreau

Writer: Christopher Miles with with contributions from:-

Aeschines, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Valerius Catullus, Diogenes, Herodotus, D.H.Lawrence,
Naso P. Ovidius, Plato, Aurelius Propertius, Sappho, Socrates, Suetonius, Xenophon

Additional Material: Amy Briamonte, Marina Gratsos

with the voices of Vanessa Miles, Michael Osborne and Peter Warnock

Co-producers: Bayerischer Rundfunk & ERT

A&E Executive Producer: Michael E. Katz

Supervising Producer: Amy Briamonte

Production Manager: Ulla Streib (UK)

Production Coordinator: George Culucundis (Greece)

Director of Photography:  Alistair Cameron

Assistant camera:  Jack Holmes

l-r George Culucundis in bg - Alistair Cameron with Jack Holmes - Thomas Fegan takes a break from researching

Sound Recordist:  David Lindsay

Editors: Paul Trevor Bale and Alex Morgan

Music:  James Harpham

'Song to Apollo' - music James Harpham & Mario Frangoulis - words Christopher Miles

Art Director: Suzy Miles

Costume Designer: Kalliopi Kopanitsa

l-r Kalliope Kopanista - James Harpham and flute girl Sophie Miles

Researcher and Assistant:  Thomas Fegan

Main title and maps:  Hugo Moss

Rostrum camera: Ken Morse

On-line editor:        Clive Pearson

Location Managers:  Gina Petropoulou (Greece), Eve Sylvester (Italy), Susan Adler

In Pompeii, after sketching the painted walls of an "andron", Suzy Miles constructs an ancient Greek dining-room in Calstone House Studios with Mark Ellis for filming Plato's 'Symposium

Productions Assistants: Yannis Panayiotakis (Greece), Giovanni Castellano (Italy)

Make-up & hair: Wendy Croft, Maria Xenariou, Dimitra Dalla

Yannis Panayiotakis as well as assisting,  played the mischievous god Pan, but as he was wearing a real goat skin he began to smell dreadfully even after one day's work!
l-r Yannis Panayiotakis as Pan -  Karl Gibbs, Simon Roberts, CM and Yannis as assistant

Wardrobe: Maria Assisaki, Emma Skala

(Not credited on main film)

2nd Camera assist UK: Peter Gregory

2nd Sound Recordist UK: Andy Cottom

2nd Boom operator: UK:  Ian McClaggan

Carpenter UK: Mark Ellis

Gaffers UK: Mark Gibbon and Geoff Quick

German Version

Commissioning Editor for Bayerischer Rundfunk: Walter Flemmer

Production Supervisor (Germany): Marion Jerrendorf

Dubbing Supervisor (German Version): Guy Kubli

Narrator (German Version): Beate Himmerlstoss

Narrator (German version): Joachim Höppner

Narrator (German Version): Karl-Rudolf Menke

Film Editing (German Version): Barbara Grünwald

Dubbing voices (German Version): Klaus Guth, Hartmut Reck, Fitz v. Hardenberg,
Philip Moog, Matthias Klie, Ole Pfennig, Martin Halm, Martina Dunker, Claudia Kleiber,
Michele Tichawsky, Solveig Duda, Berno v. Cramms, Andreas Lier, Thomas Otto, Jan Koester, Jakob Riedl

Acknowledgements and thanks:-

Guido Cassinone and Arcadia Films Ltd

John Julius Norwich, Juliette de la Genière, Nathalie de Chaisemartin, Mark Watts and the Trireme Trust, Laurence Pollinger Ltd and the Estate of Frieda Lawrence for ‘Etruscan Places’, Dominic Montserrat for ‘Sex and Society in Graeco-Roman Egypt’, Penguin Group for the ‘Love Songs of Sappho’ translated by Paul Roche and Alpha Arts


The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, UK and the Cairo Museum


Museums of Aquitaine, Antiquités Nationales St Germain en Laye and the Louvre


Museums of Staatliche Antikensammlung & Glyptothek Munich, Bayerische Aegyptische Sammlung
Munich and Helikon Film GmbH


Yannis Tzedakis, Director of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Athens
The Film Group and Kosmocar Volkswagen, Greece
Museums of Athens, Corinth, Delos, Delphi, Heraklion, Sparta and the girls and boys of the gymnasium in Olympia


Ministry of Culture, Rome
Museums of Tarquinia, Villa Guilia, Conservatori and Capitoline, Ara Pacis -  Rome
Naples, Pompeii,Paestum and the Villa Adriana Tivoli
La Solfatara of Pozzuoli, Naples and the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, Naples


Basel Antikenmuseum


Museum and site of Aphrodisias


The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and The British Museum


John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Florida and the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore


in association with


© Milesian Film productions Ltd MCMXCVll

After an enjoyable wrap-party in Athens on 25th May, some of the crew left for London while a very reduced unit left for the Peloponnese in the trusty old Land Rover


Red = flights taken

Blue= Land Rover & Citroen road journey - S=start to F=finish

On the 29th April 1996 a crew of 6 and all equipment left London at 10am in an old Land Rover and Citroen for Paris. We began shooting the Venus de Milo the following morning in the Louvre at 8.45 am.


Louvre Museum, Paris
Museums of Aquitaine, Antiquités Nationales St Germain en Laye
Lascaux Caves, Montignac, Dordogne


Basel Antikenmuseum

On the 2nd May we were joined by co-producer Felix von Moreau, and left the hospitality of his family home near Tölz at 7am the following morning for Munich


Museum of Staatliche Antikensammlung & Glyptothek, Munich,
Bayerische Aegyptische Sammlung Museum, Munich


Museums of Tarquinia, Villa Guilia, Conservatori and Capitoline, Ara Pacis -  Rome
The Roman Forum and the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine
The Obelisk to Antinous in the Borghese Gardens and the Villa Adriana Tivoli

Circular canal in Hadrian's Villa's vast garden near Tivoli, where the emperor mourned his dead lover Antinous, a statue of whom was found at Delphi during excavations in 1893.

La Solfatara of Pozzuoli, Baia Baths and Temple + Cuma and acropolis Naples
Sybile's cave and passageway and Museum Archaelogico, Naples
La Casa dei Vetti, Il Lupanare, (the brothels) the Amphitheatre and streets in Pompeii
Temple, Museum and Diver's Tomb in Paestum

View of Pompeii from the top of the Gate of Vesuvius showing much of the excavated city


Temple of Apollo, Peirene Fountain and Gymnasium and the Agora, Athens
National Museum, Athens
Hadrian's Gate, Athens
Museums of Athens, Corinth, Delos, Delphi, Heraklion, Sparta and Olympia

The reduced unit leaves Olympia for Arcadia

Arcadia's waterfalls and woods

Nestor's Palace & Pylos Museum - the Queen's Bath

Down to a crew of 3 on the last day, we left on 1st June to resume shooting in the UK and Egypt, but not before a final swim on the shores of Pylos in the southern Peloponnese.


The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London
The British Museum, London
Psistaria Kebab Taverna, Wilton Road, London SW1 for the all female 'symposium'
Calstone House Studios, Calstone Wellington for the all male 'Plato's Symposium'


National Museum, Cairo
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut , Thebes

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir al-Bahri in the Theban Hills, Egypt

Temple of Hathor, Dendarah
Temples of Luxor and Karnak