"These Paintings"

Few people know that D.H.Lawrence took up painting seriously at the end of his life. This lecture goes behind the man and the artist, and tries to explain why this divergence so late in his career mattered so much to him, and the scandal the paintings caused at the time.

"…..At such moments, lecture dissolved into sheer illumination and joyful understanding. Come back soon, Christopher, and talk to us again!"

Professor John Worthen
(D.H. Lawrence Society Newsletter No.74 - 2004)

©  Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser - February 20th 2004
To help the lecture, copies of paintings (and some originals) which had been especially made for the film "Priest of Love",  were exhibitied in Eastwood at the time, as well as in Waterstones Bookshop in Nottingham.


l-r  Professor John Worthen discusses the paintings with Ron Faulks,  the secretary of the D.H.Lawrence Society, in Waterstones Bookshop, Nottingham.

The paintings were also hung in the premises of the English Speaking Union in London for the launch of Dr. Keith Sagar's book on the paintings of D.H.Lawrence on the 18th November  2003. Technically the ban on the paintings, imposed by the Home Office, had never been lifted since 1929, and their re-appearance caused a stir, and was even on the BBC news bulletins …. however no men in blue disturbed the Chaucer Press launch party for the book, but the French got to hear of it (see left).


l-r Keith Sagar, John Maxwell CEO Chaucer Press and Christopher Miles

Photo Susan Greenhill


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"Films I never made"

 "We all enjoyed your fascinating talk, especially interesting was to find out how films are made (and sometimes not) and the often hilarious, and sometimes heart-breaking stories that go with the job of being a film director in England today" 

Barbara Chouings
(Chairman of the Plymouth Luncheon Club - 2009)


 (Both in preparation with film extracts)

 "D.H.Lawrence on Film"

 "Surrealism and the Cinema"