Purbeck Film Festival - October 2014
(England's longest running country film festival)

John Julius Norwich, with Andrea Etherington (rear) and Christopher Miles at the Rex Cinema

Christopher Miles introducing "The Six-sided Triangle" which opened the festival

BRLSI - Priest of Love


Spotlight on Vogue's Peter Rand: 10 photographs from the Sixties


The National Portrait Gallery has recently acquired some works by Peter Rand, and the present display comprises 10 portraits, all taken in the 1960s and opens his first solo exhibition. This one of Sarah and Christopher Miles was taken 11th December 1963 in the Vogue Studios, and is in room 32 from 17 April to 16 September 2012.

BRLSI - Fire From Olympia

BRLSI - The Clandestine Marriage

BRLSI - Lecture

Special Screening of Priest of Love

BRLSI - Lecture

D.H.Lawrence Festival 2010 - Broadway Cinema

Queue for double bill sell-out at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham

Un Anglais de Paris - Christopher Miles retrospective 2010

Vanessa Miles arriving for 'The Rue Lepic Slow-Race' with the 100 year old Josia St Clair

Benjamin Legrand (centre) films Patrice Laffont joking with Christopher & Suzy Miles

La Salle des Chefs d'Oeuvre

The oldest cinema in Paris

Vanessa Miles with Patrick Bureau who meet after 43 years since filming the Slow-Race

Peter Watts of Strata Films points the way to the screening room    photo © Gilles Walusinski

D.H.Lawrence's paintings in the Studio 28 cinema foyer, which are still banned in the UK, but not in France

The Ritz Cinema - Q&A with Honor Blackman

Christopher Miles with Honor Blackman after the Q&A in the Ritz Cinema filmed for a new Arrow DVD release
photo © Derby Telegraph

Zlin Film Festival - 2008

Zlin Jury Members - Kristian Suda, Christopher Miles & Vincenzo Lombardo